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TMC 900 BL

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Product number: 62-0900-12
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Product information "TMC 900 BL"

In the eyes of many fly fishermen the best and most universal barbless hook. The tip of the hook is directed slightly outwards and holds even the largest fish bombproof. The TMC 900 BL can be used for both dry and nymph fishing. The black anodization is of the best Tiemco quality.

Dry Fly, down eye, 1 x fine, 1 x wide semidropped point, barbless, reinforced, black

Content: 20 pieces per pack

TIEMCO premium fly hook
The Japanese production quality for fishhooks, the revolutionary design and the global networking are the reasons for the success of TIEMCO fly hooks.

Tiemco's unique designs are created by fly anglers specifically for fly fishing. Beautifully functional, and in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Finishes are deep, smooth and durable. The bronze, nickel plated or black anodized, hooks are uniformly coated to ensure quality.

Each eye is perfectly formed with no barbs to cut your leader or gaps that our knot might slip out.

Each TMC hook is perfectly tempered and forged for maximum strength to weight ratio.

Tiny low profile barbs allow the hook to penetrate with less resistance. This makes for easy de-barbing, enabling you to release fish unharmed.

Chemically sharpened points provide better penetration than any other type of point. It's short to prevent bending and will remain needle sharp.


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