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Realistic Hoppers 6-pack incl. Box Realistic Hoppers 6-pack incl. Box

Realistic Hoppers 6-pack incl. Box

Regular Price: €23.90

Special Price €19.90

Incl. 19% Tax
Trout Trap Master Set (6 dozen) Trout Trap Master Set (6 dozen)

Trout Trap Master Set (6 dozen)

Regular Price: €216.00

Special Price €179.50

Incl. 19% Tax
Supreme Rubber Landing Net Supreme Rubber Landing Net
TRAUN RIVER Explorer Outfit - Starter Set TRAUN RIVER Explorer Outfit - Starter Set

TRAUN RIVER Explorer Outfit - Starter Set

Regular Price: €388.00

Special Price €289.00

Incl. 19% Tax
Standard Wooden Landing Net Standard Wooden Landing Net

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Welcome to Rudi Heger Flyfishing Shop
We are happy to help you!

Fly fishing not just a hobby or passion but also a lifelong fascination

Fly fishing can have a different significance for each person. For one person can be a wonderful leisure activity in perfect harmony with nature and for another a lifelong passion pursued with absolute perfectionism and professionalism. Still, it makes no difference to which group you belong to, because at www.rudiheger.eu you are definitely going to find the finest, high quality fly fishing products, and we will gladly help you with competent and professional advice to find the most suitable fly fishing equipment.

Proud of our vast know-how and expertise

For almost 40 years we have been traveling the world with the fly rod to the most exciting and diverse fly fishing destinations. Testing our products directly on the Bavarian Traun will most certainly make your fishing expedition a successful one. We will be happy to help you plan your trip and help you with questions about the right equipment! Just give us a call or e-mail us.

The right fly-fishing equipment

Gear up! Choose the best fly patterns and learn how to adapt to any situation and type of water in which you plan to fly fish. Take advantage of a well-balanced and coordinated equipment that will definitely bring you to your goal and give you the greatest satisfaction. In our online shop we provide a large selection of flies, fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, fly rod sets, fly hooks, wading clothing including wading shoes and wading pants with the necessary accessories to be successful on the water.
We also offer fly tying materials such as tungsten beads and fly tying hooks for making flies according to your ideas. Imagine yourself catching a magnificent fish out of the water for the first time with a self-made fly.
In our Flyfishing Shop you will find the most famous brands on the market: SAGE fly rods, SAGE fly reels, RIO fly lines, Redington, Patagonia, Whiting, Outcast, Korkers, Tiemco, Traun River, Hanak, Veevus, Tibor, Maxima, Chota, Le Chameau, Schöffel, Cocoons, Renzetti etc.

Premium and private flyfishing waters in Bavaria and Austria

Set off! Starting your exhilarating expedition on a small stream or a large river, pond or vast lake will allow you to totally immerse yourself in a magnificent environment. Nevertheless, the Bavarian Traun stretches of water right in the heart of Chiemgau are well-known for their fantastic trout fishing with the dry fly or nymph. In addition, the Chiemgau offers excellent lake fishing for pike, whitefish or trout. Apart from the very well known routes and the beautiful Bavaria we also offer day tickets for the famous Styrian Salza, where you can always catch your dream grayling.

Excellent Premium Products and Perfect Service

We offer the largest selection of SAGE and RIO products in Central Europe! Also, the SAGE Service Center offers an excellent and very fast repair service. Our reputation is well known for decades and we are PATAGONIA Pro Shop, SAGE Distributor, RIO Distributor, Whiting Distributor, TIEMCO and KORKERS Distributor. Trying to offer a very good service!
Rudi Heger is also digital! In addition, too many videos with helpful instructions and interesting insights, our blog offers a lot of information and insights from professionals with many years of experience.

The Highest quality products in the Rudi Heger Flyfishing Shop

When buying the right products for fly fishing, you should always pay attention to their quality. We have tested intensively all our products, across all categories. Our test experiences, the professional, technical and product knowledge, make us your highly qualified partner. Thus, only selected products of superior quality with a good price are in the Rudi Heger collection.

Perfectly equipped for all cases

Fly fishing does not have to be expensive, because at any time you can find great deals in the sales category of our fly fishing / fly tying shop. In addition, there are no shipping costs if the order value of your products is over €100. Whether for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion, give our gift cards to friends who are just as enthusiastic about fly fishing as you are.