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Start casting your fly with Rudi Hegers fly-fishing kit!

Fly Rod Outfits

Fly-fishing has his traditions and is a deep-rooted form of art. Once the fly-fishing has captured your curiosity, there is nothing stopping you in investing in perfect equipment. Make sure you are fully equipped, before embarking in this delightful adventure. A fly fishing kit is all you need to start casting your fly to a fish. All essential elements of optimal equipment are included in every fly-fishing outfit, from rod to reel and line to the protective tube. At Rudi Heger we have complete sets designed for beginners as well as for advanced fly-fishing enthusiasts.

Fly-fishing kits fitted for beginners

Choosing the best time for fly-fishing is a privilege, since free time is a luxury. Moreover, fish do not mind terrible weather. However, as long as you dress yourself according to the outside conditions, you will not experience discomfort, and you will definitely maintain a positive attitude. As a beginner choosing the most suitable equipment can be quite overwhelming. Alongside your waders and fly-fishing vest or jacket, a fly-fishing outfit is a good way to start. You are well-prepared and properly equipped with the Regington Crosswater Combo when you start on your very first fly-fishing endeavour. The Crosswater fly rod is a straightforward fly rod with a medium-fast action, suited for a new fly angler. Next to Crosswater Fly Rod, the complete outfit contains a Crosswater Reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream WF fly line, backing, and a cordura rod tube. For the younger anglers, who are in the process of learning fly- fishing, the Redington Minnow youth outfit is an excellent choice.

The fly rod & reel combos tailored to every budget

An exclusive assembled fly-fishing kit can be expensive. But, a complete fly rod & reel combo can also be a great alternative, allowing you to save money without having to compromise on quality. Selecting the perfect combination of fly rods and lines can be daunting. Therefore,  manufacturers like Redington, HANAK, TRAUN RIVER and SAGE made sure that you receive top-quality products and highly functional equipment designed precisely to your individual objectives.

Gear up! Buy your fly-fishing combo

In Rudi Heger online shop, aside from choosing from different manufacturers you may also select your combo from different line and price categories. Besides, the outfits are put together, so they match perfectly. They suit every budget and fly-fishing experience, from beginner to advanced anglers. Do you need help in choosing the right combo or have questions about our fly-fishing rod outfits? Give us a call  (+49 8662 7070) or email us. 

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