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Fly Fishing Weisse Traun, Bavaria

The White Traun in the Chiemgau is a typical mountain stream with krystal clear water and a paradise for fly fishing!

Weisse Traun

The average river width is 20 m and the stretch is about 5 km long. Deep pools in which big fish live alternate with faster runs and passages that drain into calm waters. A calm pool above the hydroplant also offers the inexperienced fly fisherman plenty of opportunity to catch a large trout. The average trout size is 25 - 40 cm. Specimens up to 55 cm are not uncommon. Not every day, but when the fishing is intense, specimens longer than 60 cm are caught at regular intervals. The record fish was 69 cm long and weighed about 6.0 kg! During the past years trout weighing more than 4 kg were caught.

Big fish - Weisse Traun

It is not allowed to fish with jig, streamer or bread-flies. Chest-high waders must be pulled down to the waist (waist high waders and wading pants are also allowed). Of course you can only fish with a fly rod and with barbless flies.

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Season: end of April to beginning of October

Prices:  starting at 60 Euro / day - additional "Prime Time" fees (1.05. til 30.06 and 1.09. til 4.10.) plus Weekend surcharges.
Fishign Marker (obligatory): 10 € (deposit)

Waters limits:

Upper boundary: Höpflinger Weirs Siegsdorf -> coordinates (47.808260 / 12.648765)
Lower boundary: confluence of white and red Traun "Spitz Au" -> coordinates (47.83287 / 12.6462)

Weisse Traun

Gewässergrenzen / Parkplätze:

Obere Grenze: Höpflinger Wehr -> Koordinaten (47.808260 / 12.648765) GOOGLE MAPS: LINK
Untere Grenze: Zusammenfluss Weiße und Rote Traun "Spitz Au" -> Koordinaten (47.83287 / 12.6462) GOOGLE MAPS: LINK
Parkplatz an der Rudi Heger GmbH: GOOGLE MAPS: LINK