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Trout Spey Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing with a SAGE Trout Spey Rod - smooth, efficient and addictive!

Fly Fishing with a Trout Spey Rod is smooth, efficient and has a high addictive factor. With the development of the worlds lightest two handed fly rod, SAGE has opened a completely new field of fly fishing and it became a huge trend in the fly fishing community.

The advantages of this fantastic fishing method:

- smooth and highly efficient
- perfect for mid sized and large rivers
- can be used with large dry flies (e.g. stone flies), wet flies, nymphs and little streamers.
- two handed casting techniques can be trained through the full trout season on your home river.
- perfect for brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, aspius, chub, sea trout and small salmon etc.
- smooth and easy casting to far distances with less back space
- this type of fishing has a huge fun factor and is truely addictive!

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