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The WV box is a lattice box made of sturdy plastic developed to breed fish in

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WV Box

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WV (Whitlock Vibert) Box

This plastic box, developed for breeding fish, was named after its inventors "Whitlock and Vibert". The WV box is a lattice box made of sturdy plastic. It consists of two chambers. The upper, smaller chamber is designed to accommodate already fertilized trout eggs, which are then buried with the whole box in the river. The lower chamber serves the trout hatchlings hatched from the eggs as a shelter. The basic idea for the creation of the WV box was that it was looking for a way to bring fertilized egg material into a body of water while protecting it from natural predators. If one simply dumped fertilized trout eggs into a body of water, the danger of drifting through water currents would be very great. Also, some spawning predators would certainly keep to the tasty bites. To prevent this, the protective WV box was developed.


Use of the WV box

Fertilized trout eggs, which should already be in the eye-point stage, are placed in the upper chamber of the WV box a few days before hatching (about 400-500 eggs per box). The WV boxes are then placed on the bottom of the river and fastened by means of a steel nail punched into the ground. Then the boxes are covered with approximately plum-sized, washed gravel. Hatching happens naturally! When used correctly, the first broodlings should emerge from the eggs for a short time after being introduced into the water. These then fall from the upper chamber into the lower protection chamber. Only when the broodlings are free-floating, d. H. Once they have eaten up the reserves of their yolk sac, they can leave the box through the longitudinal grid of the protective chamber. Then they will start their life in the river as wild fish! Size: 14 x 6 x 8.5 cm

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