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Pheasant Tail Hares Ear Nymph

Titelbild Pheasant Tail Nymphe

Fly Name: Pheasant Tail Hares Ear Nymph

Tyer: M. Schillinger


- Hook: size 10-16, 2 x long with wide hook bend (brand manufacturer)
- Tungsten bead 1.0 - 2.5 mm
- Pheasent tail fibers and copper wire painted,
- 0,15 - 0,22 mm fine duck breast feather (dark brown iridescent little feathers)
- Brown rabbit fur dubbing


Bindeanleitung Pheasant Teil Nymphe 1

• Push the tungsten bead onto the hook and secure the hook in the vise.

• Secure the thread to the hook and tie it to the hook bend

• Tie in 3-5 pheasant tail fibers slightly above the hook bend.

• Tie in the copper wire, a piece of about 10 cm. Tie the thread forwards to make a slender taber towards the tungsten bead. 

Bindeanleitung Pheasant Teil Nymphe 2

Make a dubbing body from the rabbit dub and secure it with the copper wire rib. 
Bindeanleitung Pheasant Teil Nymphe 3

• Take a duck feather and remove fluff and tie it with the tip onto the dubbing, so that the fibers lie wide, they are later to hide the Tungsten bead.

• Push the tungsten pearl close to the dubbing. Thread over the bead and secure the bead with enough turns until tight.

• Tie in another tiny portion of rabbit dubbing in front of the bead. Pull the duck breast feather over the bead and dubbing and tie in.

• Take off three more fibers from another, slightly larger duck breast pen and tie it into the rabbit dubbing on the right and left, standing up.

• Finish the fly with a knot and some varnish

Bindeanleitung Pheasant Teil Nymphe 4

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