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Trout Snack


Thread: Veevus 150 D

Tail/wing: Grizzly Zonker Strips, chartreuse/black and a bit of holografic flash 

Body: Ice Dubbing Chartreuse

Hackle: Olive and grey Marabou

Eyes: Tungsten Fly Eyes

Hook: TRAUN RIVER Shank + Intruder wire + TMC 784/785



Start by tying in the thread and secure the eyes and intruder wire.

step one Trout Snack


Tie in some holografic flash.

step 2 Trout Snack


Tie in the zonker strip as tail and make a body og the Ice Dubbing.

step 3 Trout Snack


Now lay the zonker strip over the dubbing body and secure it.

step 4 Trout Snack


Prepare the marabou fibers in a material clamp.

step 5 Trout Snack


Make a dubbing loop and spin the marabou.

step 6 Trout Snack


Turn the dubbing loop around the shank until you reach the eyes and tie it in. Finish the fly by making a knot or secure the thread with some varnish or glue. 

step 7 Trout Snack


Now secure the hook to the intruder wire and you are ready to fish. 

step 8 Trout Snack

Fly Tyer:

Daniela Misteli

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