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Pheasant Shrimp


Thread: Veevus 150 D

Body: Deer Creek Mega Laser Dub, tobacco or Euro Seal & UV Dubbing, Cinamon

Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes

Hook: Gamakatsu F314 #8-4

Hook point: Deer Creek Mega Laser Dub, red. Optional a bit of crytal flash as tail. 

Weight: Lead wire

Rib: Copper wire

Hackle: Pheasant or golden pheasant (recommended) body feathers



Start by attaching some lead wire along the body, secure it with the thread and tie in the hook point of red dubbing.

step one Pheasant Shrimp


Take a feather, tie it in and turn it to form the back part of the fly. 

step 2 Pheasant Shrimp


Tie in the Easy Shrimp Eyes

step 3 Pheasant Shrimp


Prepare three feathers as shown for the body hackles. 

step 4 Pheasant Shrimp


Tie in the copper wire as rib and the first of the prepared feathers.

step 5 Pheasant Shrimp


Make a dubbing body on the last 1/3 of the hook and turn the hackle. 

step 6 Pheasant Shrimp


Now tie in a new feater and repeat step 6

step 7 Pheasant Shrimp


Tie in the last feather, repeat step 6 and tie it in at the hook eye. Now tie the rib to secure all the feathers and body. 

step 8 Pheasant Shrimp


Tie a knot or use some glue (Zap a Gap) to secure the thread and the fly is now finished. And as you can see on the picture below you can make many different color variations

step 9 Pheasant Shrimp

Fly Tyer:

Daniela Misteli

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