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Schmankerl Dry

Fly Name: Schmankerl Dry

Tyrer: Markus Bettstetter

Bindenanleitung Trockenfliege Schmankerl Dry

The silhouette of this very buoyant fly mimics many different insects and can be fished in almost all situations.
I fish almost no other dry fly. Once it has been greased (eg with Nev-R-sink), it still floats through the lower wings and the deer hair, even after many fish.

It is not difficult to tie and you need only a few materials:

Size / Size: 14
Hook / Hook: Gamakatsu F11B # 14 or # 16 or TMC 113 BLH # 14 or # 16
Thread: Veevus 6/0 Black or Technical Tying Thread
Body / Body: Spectra Dubbing black / Antron Dubbing, black
Thorax: Deer hair nature
Hackle: Deer hair nature
Wing (lower wing): Flash Blend white or TIEMCO Areo Dry Wing (white)


Materialien Schmankerl Dry

Body: Tie in the dubbing

Dubbing einbinden

Under wing: Flash Blend or even better Tiemco Aero Dry Wing. Secure it with cross windings. 

Flügel einbinden

Wing/hackle/head: approx. 2 cm deer hair from approx. Start of by lightly tying in the deer hair with a couple of loose turns and then tighten up so the winh stands up. Trim the excess deer hair into a small head and fishish the fly with a know and varnish.

Rehhaar Flügel einbinden

Trockenfliege Schmankerl Dry / Trockenfliege

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