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Damsel Nymph

Titelbild Damsel Nymphe

Fly Name: Damsel Nymph

Tyer: Dirk Wirsam

1. Secure the Tiemco TMC 2312 # 6 and roughly shape a body with a strip of lead:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 1

2. Secure the lead neatly with Uni Thread 6/0 olive and at the same time prepare the body shape. At the end, make a small ball with the thread. This should spread the fibers in the next steps:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 2

3. Tie in the tip of a CDC feather olive, cut it off and evenly fill the back of the body with the thread:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 3

4. Infront of the tail, first tie in the Veniard Magic Glass V-Rib lite olive. If you warm the tip with a lighter and pull it out with your fingers, it's a bit easier. Then tie in Flat Pearl Tinsel & tie the thread forward:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 4

5. Tie the Tinsel forward:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 5

6. Now make the body with the Veniard Magic Glass V-Rib lite olive and stop 2/3 of the way to the hook eye:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 6

7. Now tie in a small amout CDC as a little wing:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 7

8. From the Wapsi Thin Skin Mottled Oak orange (brown I unfortunately had not) cut a strip & cut out a small triangle at the back. Then tie it in just infront of the CDC wing:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 8

9. Fold back the thin skin, tie a thin layer SLF Davy Wotton Squirrel Dub. Then on each side 3 legs of geese biots & always a layer of dubbing inbetween to seperate the legs. Don´t use to much dubbing, the heads should be just a tiny bit larger than the body. 

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 9

10. Make 2 eyes from 2 beads from melted monofilament (here suffix) and tie them in and secure with cross windings:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 10

11. Now pull the skin over the head to form the thorax and secure it just behind the eyes:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 11

12. Hide the cross windings with a tiny amount of dubbing to form the head. Then fold the Thin Skin over it, tie it to the front, cut it off and form the head and fishish the fly. Secure with varnish or Zap A Gap:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 12

13. Then embed the head in Bug Bond UV glue to make the fly stronger:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 13

14. Finally bend the legs and fix the kinks with a little bug bond. The "ankles" are unfortunately not preserved in the pattern:

Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe 14

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