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Bully Streamer


Thread: Veevus 150 D

Body: Fly fur tan, olive and pink

Head and eyes: Deer Creek or Bug Bond UV resin and Traun River 3D eyes

Hook: Gamakatsu F314 #8-4

Disc: Pro Sportsfisher Soft Dics or we would recommend a tungsten conehead



Start by tying in the thread and making a dubbing loop.

step one Bully Streamer


Apply a bundle of fly fur tan and spread it out within the loop.

step 2 Bully Streamer


Twist the dubbing loop and wrap the fly fur around the shank and secure.

step 3 Bully Streamer


Tie in a bundle of tan and a bundle of olive fly fur aswell as a smaller bundle of pink fly fur pointing forwards.

step 4 Bully Streamer


Now apply the disc or conehead. This is done best by using a threader as seen on the picture below.

step 5 Bully Streamer


The dics should be pushed up against the body as seen on the picture below.

step 6 Bully Streamer


Fold back the 3 bundles of fly fur and secure them with UV resin. 

step 7 Bully Streamer


Take some 3D eyes and apply them. The eyes are then secured in UV resin to make the head of the fly. 

step 8 Bully Streamer


The fly is now finished.

step 9 Bully Streamer

Fly Tyer:

Daniela Misteli

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