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Theme World Fly Tying


Dear fly tyers

On these pages you will find a great selection of flies by committed and gifted fly tyers. The tyers has kindly allowed us to publish and share their creative and undoubtedly catchy patterns.

There is a very wide range of different creations for various species
and fly fishing situations. I am very pleased to show this full site only for fly tying!

The patterns shown are an excerpt from the first "Bavarian Fly Tying Open".

Of course, the winning flies are also there. I wish you a lot of fun tying these flies and cathing fish on them!

Your Rudi Heger

Ice dub Shrimp 

fasanen shrimp Micro Trout Trap

trout snack bully streamer

Tungsten Pheasant Tail Hare´s Ear

Bindeanleitung Trout Trap Hi Vis Buck Caddis

Blue Water Shiner Bindeanleitung  Bindeanleitung Schmankerl Dry / Trockenfliege

Bindeanleitung Pheasant Tail Nymphe  Bindeanleitung Crafty Laser Minnow

Bindeanleitung Craftfur Pikefly Hechtstreamer  Bindeanleitung Damsel Nymphe

Bindeanleitung Kermit Pikefly / Hechtstreamer  Bindeanleitung Madam C Nymphe

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