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SAGE Premium Two Handed Rods

British Columbia Whispers

Just over a year ago, the first thoughts of British Columbia Steelheads sneaked into my head. I was standing in the middle of a river in Alaska, fishing for big, wild rainbow trout. The Babine? The Dean? Iskut? Some nightly Google Earth investigations later, the decision had been made for an autumn trip to Smithers, British Columbia.

Ordinary messages to friends became endless photo-mail conversations, and soon after that, the pick-up headed north - loaded with a large 5m raft, smaller rafts and a whole arsenal of SAGE two-handed rods and reels. Added to that was a whole mountain of hopes and dreams. After 8 days and almost 100 km on the water we would like to present you this little work of art. It is filled with one or two beers and after-shots of a very good 10-year old Scotch whiskey. Eat, sleep and go back to the frozen waders to fish. Four crazy fly fishermen are in the same place at the same time, leaving their everyday life behind for a second. We are grateful for this trip and for all the great fish from beginning to end.

In our hands we have fished 7 and 8 X and INGITER two-hand rods in 13 '' and 14 '' foot lengths with SPEY and Spectrum Max fly reels and RIO Skagit Max shot heads.

British Columbia Whispers from Sage Fly Fish on Vimeo.

Producer and Author: Nick Waggoner (übersetzt aus dem englischen von sageflyfish.com)

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