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Fly fishing for pike

Fly fishing for pike

Fly fishing for pike - gear recommendations

Fly fishing for pike is very popular. Anyone who has once caught a pike with the fly rod is usually so enthusiastic that many more pikes will follow. Not least the Youtube series such as "Fly vs Jerk" from Scandinavia contribute to the trend and provide the audience with enthusiasm. 

We have been fishing for pike for many decades with the fly rod and have a great deal of experience. The experiences relate to waters throughout Europe and to all types of water. The great thing about the pike fishing is that usually every fisherman has some kind of pike water nearby. Pikes live in almost all waters in Central Europe. They occur in small ponds, ponds, lakes and rivers. Here in the Chiemgau pike live in the large lakes (Chiemsee, Waginger lake, Simssee etc.), dredger jetties and even in drainage ditches. Central Europe is a real paradise for pike and sometimes they grow to enormous sizes over 1 meter!

The attractiveness of pike fishing is the size of the fish, the often spectacular bites on streamers and the relatively easy accessibility of the fishing. In addition, fly fishing for pike offers certain advantages over conventional pike fishing methods. Especially in waters with strong vegetation and shallow water (up to 6 m), the pike can be perfectly caught with a streamer. Even in very murky waters can a streamer deliver very good results. Another important aspect in fly fishing for pike is that it is a very active fishery were the fly fisherman has to find feeding and hungry fish. Therefore if you dont feel or see any fish in the lake or river, then move to a new spot. 

Due to the size and accessibility of most waters, we recommend fishing from Belly boat, pontoon boat or rowboat. Thus, the possible locations of the pike can be easily and quietly reached.

Fly Rod:

In principle, the equipment for fly fishing for pike differs above all in its strength of the rod, reel and lines to the classic trout equipment (line class # 2- 6). The fly rod must have a decent backbone and high speed. Today, the # 8 to # 10 rods are used with a quick action. Especially very large flies are easier to throw with a #10 rod. Due to the development of the rods in recent years, the rods have become so light that it is no longer a problem to throw a #10 rod all day long.
Here in the Chiemgau we mostly fish the line # 9 of a SAGE X or SALT HD rod.

The following rules of thumb for the use of the cord classes apply:

Line class 8: on smaller rivers or ponds with non-weighted flies

Class 9: with medium to large waters with slightly weighted streamers. The pike streamer should be about 20 cm.

Line class 10/11: these rods are used in very large waters, with a lot of wind and especially with very large streamers (tube flies> 20cm etc). A #10 rod can also be used if the expected fish are very large.

Fly Reel & Backing:

The fly reels should be a large arbor reel with a decent brake system. The reel must be robust and designed for the slightly coarser type of fly fishing. Not to forget a sufficient backing capacity. In most cases, backing is not needed. But everyone is well advised to have sufficient backing for "the one big fish" on the reel. We recommend the use of reels with an enclosed brake system to prevent any dust, sand, etc. problems. Especially the brake system is very important! The brake must stay smooth in any braking setting and it must be able to stop a large fish from escaping into the depth. A high-quality brake helps enormously in the fight and makes life much easier for the fisherman.

Fly line:

The use of the right fly line depends on factors such as water quality (depth & structure), action of the fly rod, size of the flies used, personal litter habits and the location of the pike. Generally speaking do the lines need to have a poweful front taper so they can deliver the big flies over great distances. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact us.

Pike Streamers:

Just take a look at our large variety of pike flies: HERE

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