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SAGE Service Offer

Important information for the first owner of a SAGE Fly Rod

SAGE grants all original owners a Service Offer on all SAGE Rods and Blanks. Purchasing a SAGE rod or Blank the customer accepts all terms and conditions included in the SAGE Service Offer.

1.) To validate the Service Offer of a rod, part „A“ of the registration card must be filled out and mailed to SAGE Service Center within 14 days after the purchase of the rod.

2.) This Service Offfer is limited to rods and blanks purchased in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Kroatia and Hungary.

3.) The Service Offer is limited to repair or replacement of rods or blanks. Colors and components may vary between original and replaced parts. The shipping costs to the SAGE-Service center need to be paid by the rod owner.
The service charges for a SAGE service will relate to the age of a rod which is categorized into one of the 3 groups as follows:

€ 99,- for "CURRENT" rods,
€ 150,- for "RECENT" rods,
€ 299,- for "LEGACY" rods.
(Date of publication: 28.09.2022)

Details for the rod categories can be found further down. The manufacturer reserves the right to replace and update a defective rod to a more recent model, if the defective rod was produced 10 or more years prior to the warranty claim. In this case SAGE may charge an appropriate fee.

4.) This offer is limited to repair or replacement of the rod and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. This offer does not cover fire, theft, loss for any reason, intentional breakage, modification or customization of the finished rod, or damage during the assembly of a blank into a finished rod. In the event of damage please send the rod along with a copy of your invoice to the SAGE Service Center or hand it to your SAGE dealer. The rod will be repaired or replaced (in order to save time & money we will return the warranty goods freight – COD).

Rod Categories: 

Rutenmodelle: Rutenmodelle: Rutenmodelle: Rutenmodelle:
Dart 99 Series 2 Hand DS Youth
ESN HD Accel Anniversary GBC
Foundation Accel 2-Hand Bass (V1) GBS
Igniter Approach Beginner GFL
Igniter 2-Hand Bass II DS CP
Igniter Switch Bolt DS 2-Hand CT
Maverick Circa DS II GFL 2-Hand 
Payload ESN (Grün) EC GFS
Pulse Grace Fli GIIBC
Pulse 2-Hand Little One Fli 2-Hand GIISH
Pulse ESN Method Flight GIISHLL
Pulse Trout Spey Method 2-Hand Launch GSH (G1)
R8 Core Method Elite LE   GSHL
Salt HD Mod   LL (G 2) GSP
Sense Mod Spey LL (G 3) GSP (G1)
Sonic  Motive RPL MA
Sonic 2-Hand One RPL+ SBC
Trout LL One 2-Hand RPLX SBS
Trout Spey G5 One Elite RPLXi SFL
Trout Spey HD One Trout Spey TCR SLT
X Pike/Musky TXL SSH
X 2-Hand Response Vantage SSP
Salt  VPS SAGE Gear
TCX  VPS-Light Spin
Xi3 XP SP  
Z-Axis SP (5 pc.)
Z-Axis 2-Hand SP (Gear)