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Efficient on water with Rudi Heger Tungsten Beads

Tungsten, Beads, Weight, Coneheads

Tungsten has the special property that due to its high density it is heavier than other metals. This influences the sinking speed, so that nymphs weighted with tungsten sink 5 times faster than light-hearted nymphs. Not to mention that the faster you set your fly down, the more fish you catch. Choose from our variety of high-quality tungsten beads, because they are the perfect materials for fishing in fast and deep waters.

Tungsten-Off Beads - the greatest innovation of recent years

Tungsten-Off beads are strikingly efficient and immediately turn your nymph into a jig. Their highly effectiveness causes thus great enthusiasm among fly fishers. The special thing about these beads is that the hole of the bead is "off center". This means that the center of gravity of the pearl is not in the middle, but above the hook arc. Thus, every bound nymph automatically becomes a "jig-style" nymph. These innovative Tungsten-Off Beads not only will transform your nymph fishing but also give the satisfaction every fly fisher is expecting.

Tungsten beads as an environmentally friendly alternative

In addition to the many advantages, another important aspect is that tungsten beads are eco-friendly. As a non-toxic metal, tungsten should be used more often. Even though in many cases environmentally friendly products are offered at a higher price, we offer our fishing beads at a very fair price and also in a complete size range.

Tungsten weights made of copper, brass and lead

Alongside our tungsten beads, we offer a variety of tungsten weights made of copper, brass and lead. Our weights are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Colors add shine to the beads. Moreover, under certain lighting conditions, the fluorescent colors give a nice touch to your flies being perfect for fishing in murky waters.

Buy Slotted Tungsten Beads at great prices

Also, we included in our offer the Slotted Tungsten at an excellent price! If you want to take fly fishing to the next level, then start right away. Choose our Tungsten Beads for best possible catch results. Due to the large selection, every fly tyer will find what he is looking for, no matter for what purpose.

Find the perfect tying material in Rudi Heger online shop

Fly tying materials do not have to be expensive. In our online shop, you will find excellent Tungsten Beads, Tungsten Weights or Coneheads at top prices at any time. In addition, there are no shipping costs if the order value of your products is over €100. Whether for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion, give our gift cards to friends who are just as enthusiastic about fly fishing as you are.

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