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Off Bead Nymphs

These nymphs are fitted with a Tungsten off-bead and they are a sensation in the world of fly fishing!

With the help of the drop-shaped tungsten beads, every nymph can be transformed into a kind of jig. Because the tip of the hook points upwards (up-side-down) is the chance of getting stuck to the bottom or branches much lower. In addition, the TIEMCO hooks used are very sharp and have the best hooking properties.

Due to the shape and weight of the Tungsten-Off Beads the nymphs sink quickly and fish exactly where trout and grayling are. With these nymphs you can fish waters that were otherwise required are very skilled mending technique. 

Test this new generation of nymphs! You will be glad you did!

These nymphs are also allowed on the Bavarian Traun where traditional jigs are prohibited.

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