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We offer a wide selection of high quality nymphs. Nymphs represent 80% of the food for trout and grayling in rivers.
In this respect, it is important to always have a large selection of different nymphs with you. In nature there are innumerable different variations of underwater insects and this is to be imitated with the corresponding nymph patterns.

We offer patterns with brass heads, Tungsten beads, Tungsten-off-beads or a lead balance.
The respective areas of use depend heavily on the waters and waters to be fished.

"Czech Nymphing" has also become very popular in recent years. Due to their high effectiveness, many fly fishermen are increasingly trying out this technique. Again, we offer you numerous samples to practice this technique on your body of water.

Very important to us is the quality of the hooks used, because there is nothing more annoying than losing a fish through a bad hook in the fight.

Due to the number of different fly patterns it can happen that one or the other size is not in stock. Here we strive to make you an alternative proposal. We are sure to have the right fly for you to outsmart your dream fish!

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