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Precision and efficiency with Rudi Heger fly reels and spare spools

Fly Reels & Spare Spools

The fly reel is the next most important piece of equipment after purchasing a professional fly rod. The fly reel should be perfectly suited to the needs of your chosen water and the fish you expect to catch. This is precisely how Rudi Heger fly reels will provide you the uttermost control making the fly fishing adventure as straightforward as you care to make it.

Always ready and perfectly equipped for fly fishing

The most important fact about the reel is the drag system. This should be smooth and strong, and not fade even under the pressure of the biggest fish. The drag system is the only adjustable section of the fly reel. It is a single knob that controls the dynamics on the spool as the spool is rotating on the hub. The drag also produces a particular whirring sound easily recognized by fly fishers. Nevertheless, its function is to control the speed and amount of line being fed from the reel at any given time. No matter if you like fly fishing in saltwater or freshwater our modern and highly effective fly reels will meet your requirements. Nonetheless, before embarking in this adventure and heading to the water you will need a fly reel case. One example of an ingenious design is the Traun River Destination Case. This reel case is made of robust materials,  and can be varied as needed. With a padded carrying handle, a removable shoulder strap, a lid which can be opened with a zipper and two mesh pockets on the inside this case is the perfect accessory for your fly reels. For longer adventures and ideal for travelling, our SAGE Rod and Reel Cases are perfectly suited and offer the highest protection.

Complement your fly fishing rod with our high-tech fly reels

The charm of fly fishing lies in its natural simplicity. The reel, rod, backing, line and leader should fit smoothly together and in a perfect manner to display the most realistic fly to the fish. The reel is fixed on the rod and holds the backing, the fly line, the leader and the fly. As long as the line is fed out through the ferrules of the rod and the fly is properly tied you are ready to cast. Because of this, we are always looking to have high quality fly fishing reels to match the strength and flexibility of your fly rod and with a perfect price performance ratio in our assortment. We at Rudi Heger take pride in our extensive collection of fly reels and spare spools offering reels for different line classes from well-known brands like: SAGE, REDINGTON, TIBOR, TRAUN RIVER, HANAK.

Buy the right fly fishing reels online at Rudi Heger

The fly fishing equipment does not have to be expensive because in our online shop, you will find excellent fly fishing reels at top prices at any time. In addition, there are no shipping costs if the order value of your products is over €100. Whether for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion, give our gift cards to friends who are just as enthusiastic about fly fishing as you are.

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