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Fliegenfischen Videos


Fly Fishing Biathlon

Every year a huge sports event is happening here in our area in southern Bavaria, Germany. The circuit of the Biathlon World Cup is moving in every year and world class biathlon athletes compete in different races. Thousands of tourist join the party and cheer for the athletes. 2012 was a special year because the World Championships of Biathlon were happening in the little Bavarian village of Ruhpolding. Actually we knew that some of the world best athletes are fanatic fly fishermen and they love to fish during their free time. About 2 km away from the huge biathlon stadium there is a private, pristine alpine lake full of trout. Thus we had this idea about racing to the lake on skies with their fly rods on their back...

This little movie tells the story of world class biathlon athletes from Germany and the US team competing in skiing and fly fishing. It is spring time and the Bavarian alps are still full of snow.
They race to the lake and compete against each other. The music is made by Lowell Bailey. One of the American athletes. They fish at this unique and pristine Bavarian lake for trout and have lots of fun together. The full story shows who wins and how the competition finally ends

Fly Fishing for Giant Catfish

Rudi Heger worked on improving the fly fishing techniques for giant Catfish for many years. He caught several world record Catfish on a flyrod. This unique movie shows the techniques how to catch giant catfish with a flyrod. In the early years Rudi Heger had a realistic chance of catching one or two Catfish on a streamer, using a flyrod - during a whole weeks fishing! Today, ten years later, we have come a long way and now know that those who have learned their lessons, by flyfishing constantly for Catfish, maybe have a chance to catch one Catfish on a fly - per day. Join this absolutely amazing trip to the giant catfish!
languages: german, english
running time: approx. 40 minutes